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Who We Are

Aswad Writes a touching heart site for providing the largest collection of Quotations, Sayings, Poems, Status, Stories, and Shayari. We copy the mindblowing quotes from world’s famous writers, poets, authors, celebrites, politicians, athletes and everything related to them. We have a deep interest in quotes, sayings, poems, status, stories and Shayari and our mission is to educate and entertain our viewers and to spread the knowledge among them.

Aswad writes for everyone, there is no any age limit to access our site, and we think our this site will get more significant day by day. We will try our best to provide the best stuff which will be surely entertained by you. Aswad writes plays an important role in finding the great quotes. We have lake of Love, sad, historic, political and other quotes which will touch your hearts and you can share your feelings on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social bookmarks through our collections.

“Aswad Writes” has something for everyone on every day. One day every minute million of users across the universe will come to find the best stuff to share their feelings on Aswad writes. We are very passionate to entertain and educate the people especially the students.

Aswad Writes doesn’t charge any fees for access. It is free for the users, and it will always be free for them.
We generate some revenue from ads which are appearing on our site. We are sure about our advertisers, and there aren’t any ads which are not good to see because we love our audience more than anything.

“Aswad Writes” has its eyes on the world events to see what’s going on and what’s new happens or what’s gonna happen. Our staff always collect new stuff including best quotes, sayings, status, poetry, poems, stories and heart touching Shayari by reading books,
articles, interviews, magazines and other sources across the universe. If You have something more interesting, you can help us to share it with other people. We will highly appreciate your participation.

When You search Our Website, you will find a bulk of Quotations which are written by world’s great people. If you see any mistake or you think there should be any correction then Kindly let us know. We will be thankful to you for this act. We keep updating our stuff day by day. We always try to provide what’s the best in our every collection.

Aswad writes also provide Quotes with pictures. Our site has a fantastic gallery in which you can see the great quotes, status,
sayings, Shayari with beautiful and inspiring images of flowers, trees, couples, cars, friends, family and other things related to
the topics.

At “Aswad Writes” Our priority is to satisfy our audience by providing the best stuff for them and we will highly appreciate your feedback. Your participation in comments and messages will surely make us happy.